sapien_by_flying_fox-d5yk8le.jpgThe Azul-Kar are an ancient race from a world unknown. A race that fares well on land and under water were once highly developed and regarded as the dominant force within their world, but after a phenomenon known only to them “As the Great Tragedy” their people were stolen from their home world and sprinkled through out the Web.

Thrusted into untamed wilds of a world unknown to them forced a societal collapse that lead to the death of 2/3rds of their population. Those left behind survived, and thrived. Building a kingdom within the Great Lakes of Avara’s Kiss they’ve held their own and only recently have established a diplomatic relationship the Rorikstead Empire.

Many Azul-Kar believe “The Great Tragedy” was the will of their Goddess Avara, believing that they had been sent there for some divine purpose. The introduction of magic and Esocraft has only reinforced this belief.

The Azul-Kar are humanoid in appearance but have dark black eyes and cerulean scales covering their bodies. They are flexible and natural acrobatics. Their eyes are well adjusted to both darkness and light and they can stay in fresh water for an infinite period of time. Despite their physical versatility they are physically weak and quite prone to injury if they are not careful.


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